setting no alarm

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 24, 2011

Since moving into my own place, I’ve been setting an alarm for 7:30am. Sometimes, I’ll wake up when it goes off; other times, I’ll turn my alarm off and go back to sleep.

Yesterday, or the day before, I wondered: Why set an alarm??

I am naturally a morning person. I have no problem waking up by a reasonable time in the morning. Why the need for an alarm?

Last night, I went to bed slightly after midnight. What time did I wake up this morning? At 10:00am!  And only because Little Fatima was knocking on my door.

That makes me wonder, how much longer would I have slept had I not been woken up? I was already semi-conscious, trying to replay the scenes of another vivid dream. This one had been quite long too.

This morning, waking up from my dream was like being in the movie Inception in that I did wake from a dream in my dream only to wake from my dream into reality.

This afternoon, I cleared out half of the weeds from my courtyard garden. I have utmost appreciation for gardeners. I want to develop my green thumb, except I’m not home nearly enough to keep at it. That’s the reality of my green thumb. That plus the summer is coming which means my garden will be a block of dry dirt. On the flip side, more branches are sprouting out of the orange tree.


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