TED Talks: love + cheat / sex, drugs and HIV

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TED Talk: Helen Fisher tells us why we love + cheat

TED Talk: Elizabeth Pisani – Sex, drugs and HIV – let’s get rational

Gnaoua TOT w/PCVs: Day 2 – Done!

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Gnaoua Festival TOT w/PCVs: Day 2

Lots of talk and learning about STI prevention, treatment, and management.

Solid group of PCVs. Excited for the entire group of PCVs working at this year’s Gnaoua to come together in a few weeks.

TOT Day 2 of 2: Done!

Gnaoua TOT w/PCVs: Day 1 – Done

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Gnaoua Festival TOT with PCVs: Day 1

22 PCVs, including trainers, met at the PC Office in Rabat.

Today’s training consisted of Healthy Lifestyle topics – anti-smoking, anti-huffing, blood pressure – and SIDA 101 and STIs in Morocco.

TOT Day 1 of 2  – done!

waka waka-ing in Morocco

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Tonight, I attended a free concert with several PCVs in Rabat. We sang and danced along to Shakira as she performed on the stage next to the Sofitel hotel.

In thinking about service, I would not have expected to see an international performer, much less one I recognized, in concert so I had fun singing and dancing along to Shakira.

Observation: There were both female and male concert-goers. lHamdullah. Young and old, there was a mixed group which I was happy about. Without surprise, the males went crazy as Shakira’s outfits became smaller and smaller.

Observation: Moroccans do not know what/how to cheer for an “encore.”

When Shakira pretended to say goodbye to the crowd, Moroccans just stood in place. Stood there and did absolutely nothing. Wall of whellu, no surprise.

What did the PCVs do? We shouted at the top of our lungs. “Encore…Shakira…waka waka” and repeat.

After hearing Waka Waka play all throughout Morocco and all during spring camp, I’d say the concert felt complete only after seeing her perform Waka Waka last night.

travel craving: tuna and tomato sandwich

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I’ve developed this appreciation for tuna-in-tomato-sauce plus one Laughing Cow cheese sandwiches when I travel.

There’s this one rest stop between Essaouira and Casablanca. I’ve been through there three times already. Anytime I travel through somewhere more than once, I’m instantly recognized which can be a good thing. I get good customer service because I’m a returned customer. Win-win.

Given all the traveling and eating (and napping?) that I’ve done of late, I’ll be the first to recognize an output of those activities: I’ve gained weight. Or at least have gotten soft. Haha.

My Mid-Service Medical appointment is on Wednesday. Let’s see what the scale tells me then!

Even so, it’s not like I’m going to stop eating completely. I know I need to eat healthier (after my R&R). Besides, summer is the best season for fruits so tis the season that my diet will consist mostly of fresh fruits and veggies! YUM!