5:45am-7:07am: locked in the lobby

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 1, 2011

My friend, Kim, arrived today! Her flight landed at 7:07am.

My plan was to leave my friend’s apartment at 5:45am so that I could make the 10-minute taxi ride and 40-minute train ride to the airport and arrive before her plane landed.

Did that plan happen?

Nope! Of course not.

Why? Because I’m in Morocco.

Well, I left the apartment on time. However, as I was preparing to walk out of the lobby, I pulled on the front door of the building only to discover that it was locked. Bolted lock.

I waited…and waited…and waited. I decided to wait for a while, at least until a more respectable hour before knocking on doors.

30 minutes went by. 1 hour went by. Still quiet throughout the apartment. Yes, it was a Sunday, the only day in which Moroccans don’t go to school or work. Of course.

Finally, a little after 8:00am, I heard a cell phone go off in a unit. Following the voice, I climbed three flights of stairs before locating the unit in which I detected movement.

First time I knocked, no response. Second time I knocked, the resident peeped out to see who and what was causing the early commotion.

As it turns out, this man and I shared no common language. I gestured that the key I had did not unlock the door. Still nothing. Realizing that I was already super late at picking up my friend from the airport, I did the only thing I could think of doing: I grabbed the guy’s arm, pulled him onto the elevator, got off at the lobby, and showed him the locked door and my non-working key.

“A ha!” It finally clicked and he understood. Yes! Without any more hesitation, he unlocked the door. I quickly said thank you in all the languages I could think of. As it turns out, French was the only language he spoke. Of course.

11:00am and some minutes later, I finally got to the airport and saw Kim! Poor thing, she was exhausted.

We went back to my friend’s place, ate, slept, and lazily hung out for most of the day.

At 7:00pm, we did the only activity we had scheduled for the day: Dinner at Rick’s Cafe.

A delicious way to wrap up a Moroccan-type of day.


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