managing your anal itching

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 2, 2011

Hello Volunteers and Trainees –

In light of the bombing and the killing of Osama Bin Laden, here is some guidance for you:

  • You may receive questions and/or pressure from members of your community to discuss the circumstances of Bin Laden’s death or your reaction to it.  Please avoid engaging in discussing this issue.  Appropriate responses include:  “I don’t have enough information to discuss this issue.” and/or “I am never happy to hear of anyone’s death.”  If you experience pressure from your community or are otherwise concerned please contact me immediately.
  • It is possible local authorities might be even more aware of your locations with an eye to ensuring your safety.  Please don’t resent any improved security!
  • Continue to inform us and local authorities when you leave your site.
  • DO NOT make comments on Facebook or your blog or any public site about your thoughts on the recent events.

We met with the Ambassador and US Government managers, including the Regional Security Officer this a.m.   Senior staff also met this a.m.  We will be in touch should we need to take any different actions.

Feel free to call if you have any questions,


In light of the message from PC/Morocco’s CD, I won’t be writing about current events. Rather, I will entertain you with an email exchange between me and a PCMO. Enjoy!

Email #1

SUBJECT: Follow-Up

Hi D,

Hope you’re doing well.

This is  to follow-up with you about your last medical condition.

Do you still feel this itching in the anal area ? any improvement ? Are you using the CLOTRIMAZOLE (ointment)  as indicated last time.

Is there any new symptoms? Anal discharge, bleeding ? Did you see any worms?

Please keep us posted.



Email #2


My anal area isn’t itchy anymore. I didn’t use the ointment as recommended because I wasn’t sure whether I indeed had worms so didn’t want to use any unnecessary medications. I haven’t seen any worms, experienced any itching or bleeding.

My stools are solid now and I poop between 1-2 times a day. Is that normal? Also, I’ve been eating a lot more (or my appetite has increased) in the last few days. Is increased appetite/eating more a symptom of pinworms? (A few PCVs and I joke about this since I’ve had worms twice already so I just wanted to verify this.) Is this something I should worry about?

Thanks for following up!


Email #3

Hi D,

Sorry for the late answer.

You’re increased appetite has nothing to do with pinworms and you don’t have to worry about that.

Please find attached some useful information about anal itching and keep us posted if you notice any new symptom.

Take care.


Now, in case you too are interested in learning about anal itching, here is the information the PCMO sent me: Managing Your Anal Itching.


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