overnight in the Hdida

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 8, 2011

Whilst talking to a few PCVs…

S turns to me and asks: “Are you VSN trained?”

Me: “Nope. Why?”

A, surprised: “Really? Because you just seem like you would be.” How sweet!

Rose Festival packed up this evening.

I saw an opportunity to visit another PCV’s site/house and I took it! Hop in the transit and up the mountain we went to Hdida.

Tuna salad + mashed potatoes + vegetable stir-fry dinner. Hung out for a little bit. As I washed up for bed, I pondered on the questions posed by “Introspection Chart” (also known as a little kid’s class assignment):

  • What is your favorite color?
  • What are two words that describe you?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • What two things make you happy?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • What did you like the most about school?

Let’s see…if I were to answer these questions, here’s what I’d put down at this moment:

  • Purple.
  • Creative. Driven.
  • Brownies.
  • Food. People (i.e., family, friends, good company)
  • All About Love by bell hooks
  • The experience of learning. Not just for grades either. Learning because I was curious or interested about a subject/topic.

Good conversations make for good memories.


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