“when was the last time you showered?”

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 9, 2011

As a PCV, you must count up before you can count down. I’ve reached the mid-service point. Let the dwindling numbers begin, e-yeehhh!

Living, learning, laughing and loving life. Happy 1-Year Anniversary staaj-mates! Let’s make Year 2 even more memorable!

– My FB status

Kim: “When was the last time you showered, D?”

Me: “Um…” (silence as I ponder on this question)

Going into my second year of service…I want to make better use of my time.

My calendar as a second year PCV is starting to fill up already. I’ve got a few work-related projects coming up. I’ve also got a few me-related projects coming up.

I want to finish my service on a strong wind.

On another note…

Kim and I were the first ones up today. We started prepping and cooking while people were still sleeping, figuring that the others would quickly be stirred awake by the smell of breakfast. We were right. There weren’t smells of coffee or bacon wafting in the air but people did wake to the smell (or sounds) of us cooking scrambled eggs, french toast, and hash browns. I “made” some powdered sugar and got some assistance with honey syrup. Marisa made fruit smoothie. Jeff provided the lighter. AnnMarie washed the dishes.

I quickly got my hair trimmed by the hostess. Yay, I got rid of some split ends!

Afterwards, we all headed out for a quick hike through the rose bushes, met Marisa’s host family, hopped into a transit and headed for Kelaat M’Gouna.

I’m visiting another PCV’s site tonight! Taznaght (sp?) in Ouarzazate Province. On the way to Taznaght, the taxi, along with other vehicles, had to stop on the riad for a few minutes because workers were creating/expanding the road. It was neat to drive by a road being expanded into the hills. Lots of rocks and boulders everywhere.

Vegetarian fajitas and homemade tortillas for dinner – yum!


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