as a second year PCV…

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 10, 2011

As a second year PCV…

  • I still wash my face religiously. I relish the occasions when I can take an amazing (read: hot water + excellent water pressure) shower. Anything besides that is just…well, not nearly hammam-scrubbed clean.
  • My morning and bedtime washing routines – brush my teeth, wash my face, moisturize, floss, and brush my hair – are “my thing.” While some people exercise or write and other people smoke or Skype with people back home regularly, I brush and wash. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a hot water heater thus don’t shower as often that this has become “my thing.” Then again, I’ve always enjoyed the process of washing myself, namely showering. Okay, and the occasional bath. Actually, lets not forget swimming too because I love being in the water.
  • I still wear make-up when I’m out of site and more often when I’m in big cities. I do it because this keeps me in touch with who I am. It makes me feel a little more American-me and a little less Moroccan-me.
  • Beyond the surface, I’ve learned a little bit more about others and a lot of bit more about myself.
  • I’m appreciative of the amazing people and wonderful friends that I’ve met and made through PC and in Morocco.
  • I’m still making it a point to visit other PCVs’ sites and homes (pending offers and invitations, of course). Part of my service has been to travel and see Morocco, Another part of it is to check out PCV sites. I know PCVs don’t all live in the same environment and I think acquiring different perspectives on what it means to be a PCV in Morocco only serves to enhance my experience as a PCV.
  • I hope to continue traveling and exploring Morocco (and other places?) with PCVs.
  • I’m fairly certain my propensity to travel hasn’t subsided. If nothing else, it has only increased since arriving in country.
  • I still don’t know/understand a lot about Morocco, its people, and their culture. Maybe this second year will enlighten me a little bit more. Then again, I probably will not become an expert. I’m completely okay with that.
  • I know I don’t want to live in Morocco any longer than my service requires me to. But I’d consider still living abroad for just a little bit longer.
  • I can’t yet imagine stepping away from this experience.
  • I’m excited to welcome the newest staaj, the final group of Health and Environment PCTs, into the PC/Morocco family.

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