another PCV tip: have no expectations

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 11, 2011

Another PCV tip: have no expectations. (I mean, you can have plans, just don’t have any expectations for them happening the way you want/hope they will happen.)

The plan was to leave Ouarzazate this afternoon and arrive at a PCV’s house in Rich in the late/wee early hours. Along the way, I was assured and reassured that there would be transportation available from/to my destinations.

Of course, this being Morocco, those assurances are reassurances meant nothing.

The bus left Ouarzazate at 6:30pm but in actuality more like 7:00pm because it’s Morocco and there’s always more time to wait before doing anything/everything.

It arrived in Errachidia at 12:30-something am and Kim and I walked into the bus station. I consulted the departure times and it said that a bus going to Fes/Azrou was departing at 1:00am. Perfect, I thought.

Just to make sure, I approached a guy and asked about the next bus to Rich. His response? The next bus to Rich leaves at 6:00am. Yes, of course it does.

I called the PCV in Rich to give him the lowdown on the situation. Now, both Errachidia and Rich are big sites and there usually is transit at all hours between these places. Usually, of course, is the operative word here.

The PCV in Rich notified me that there are PCVs in Errachidia, steps away from the bus station. He forwards me phone number of the PCV in Errachidia.. The PCV in Errachidia is super sweet and willing to take us in at the last minute. lHamdullah and God bless his parents.

I’m exhausted now. After being on the bus for so many hours. After being on the move for so many days. Ahh…such is life for this PCV who moves around the country s frequently as I do. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Next stop: Fes. Inshallah.


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