Morocco, best foot forward

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 13, 2011

Vendor: “What do you think about Morocco?”

Me, truthfully (or maybe exhausted after a days’ worth of traveling): “It’s okay.”

Vendor: “What do you think of Moroccans?”

Me, truthfully finally (or maybe exhausted after an afternoon and evening’s worth of harassment): “They’re okay.”

(Note: The following entry is me ranting on Morocco. It’s been one, actually two, of those difficult days.)

Morocco, you sure know how to put your best foot forward when it comes to hosting visitors to this country.

For this trip, the city that receives the award for Most Ethnic and Verbal Harassment goes to…

*drum roll please*


Yes, Fes is the place where I and not only I but my friend who is visiting experienced the most harassment in the two weeks that we’ve been traveling together. Not only is this usually exhausting for me to deal with as an individual on a “regular” basis here in Morocco, but holy cow, having to think about how this type of “attention” is received by my guests is tiring as well.

I’m definitely lucky to have (had) so many friends visit me in Morocco. Without a doubt, each experience continues to be different. These experiences, cumulatively, have led me to adopt the opinion that Moroccans themselves keep of their country and countrypeople:

Morocco is a beautiful country. Moroccans, on the other hand, are not so much – they are not as honest and “nishan” as they proclaim themselves to be.

Moroccans love to attribute blame onto others. They will say, “I am not like this” or “I do not do that,” but ask if they know anyone who does this or that, well, you’ll quickly see that they have a no holds bar as to who they’re not willing to talk about.

Okay, and that’s the end of this edition on ranting on Morocco.

Good experience: I was able to use my limited Darija to get (free) directions to a tannery. While on the search for one, I encountered a few (as in 3) nice guys who were willing to tell me which way to go. Yay!


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