K&C in Morocco!

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on May 22, 2011

Welcome to Morocco, Kendra anad Chris!

Ouarzazate –> Kech

Field trip to Marjane, where I picked up lunch and tea candles. I people-watched while swapping stories with two fabulous PCVs. Afterwards we each bought a cup of gelato before heading out the store.

I hopped off at the train station as the other two returned to the hotel.


Because Kendra and Chris are visiting Morocco!!! I met them at the train station, hopped on a city bus that took us to Jmaa El Fna, checked into the Sindi Sud and had dinner at a food stall on the square.

Afterwards, we met up with two other PCVs at Gossip, a new restaurant and bar in Kech. A “virgin mojito” made me flush. By the time we got back to hotel, I was glowing and my heart was beating fast. After a quick cold shower, I slid into bed and slept the flush away. lHamdullah.


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