community rounds and no long nails

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on June 29, 2011

Awesomely, I spent my first day making the rounds in my community.

Seeing as it’s Wednesday, I hoped that my day would start at the sbitar for vaccination day. Unfortunately, my counterpart seemed to think differently. Seeing him nowhere in sight upon my arrival at the sbitar, and not to mention the growing line of parents and babies, I called his cell phone to check whether he’d be coming in. The answer: Nope, he’s on vacation.

I greeted the hanut guy next door and I made a purchase at my regular hanut.

I had lunch with my host family. I gave the host siblings coloring books and pencils. I learned that my host father works in Agadir now. My finger nails are growing out and I haven’t had a chance to cut them. According to my host siblings, long nails are not good. Really, people here don’t miss a thing. Okay, yet another item to add to the culturally different list.

I watched a soap opera with my adopted host family. I gave the kids coloring books and pencils as well.

I greeted people I crossed paths with.

Oh, I also put up my (new) hammock on my roof. It’s too hot to sleep indoors so I’ll be sleeping in it tonight.


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