tamazirtinu: America, baby, America

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on July 2, 2011


– Primary school boys in my site

I was called that today when I walked to school with Little Fatima and Ahmed.

It took me a while to get used to it – hey, it was 8:00am – but, I’m happy to say I embraced it. I took some joy out of it.

Since returning to site post-trip to America, people have used “America” and “tamazirtnm” (your country of origin) interchangeably. Finally, after a year of being in site, I am finally recognized as an American.

All that needed to happen was for me to take a trip back to the US. Or at least tell people I did.

Anecdote: You know you’re a PCV when you opt to strain out the spoiled milk that you taste from the cereal you brought from home so that you can still enjoy the cereal without getting sick from the milk. The milk I bought yesterday too. At least the cereal was salvagable. 🙂

Nikki, Americania? (Me, American?) Well, YES, I am!


Tamazirtinu (my homeland): America, baby. America the fabulous and beautiful.


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