LCF SIDA TOT and condoms

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on July 15, 2011

LCF Training of Trainers.

This morning, I illustrated the importance of peer educators and how LCFs have a role as peer educators in their communities. Later, I led the “STIs and HIV/AIDS in Morocco” session.

The highlight of the day came right before lunch. Rachid, the former Health Program Assistant/current regional manager of…not sure which region (who, by the way, is a phenomenal instructor), nonchalantly opened a pack of condoms to play with. Not only did he unroll and stretch the condom he was holding, he made an activity out of the condoms.

Each LCF was given a condom to open, unroll and play with. Once everyone had one in his/her hands, he announced that everyone had to blow up the condom that he/she held in his/her hands. That, if anything, was throwing caution, culture, gender, and all around Hsuma-ness to the wind. Very cool.

Everyone laughed as they blew into their condoms. The PCVs who were leading the TOT also participated. Takeaway: 75% of the people in that room had never held a condom. This was the first time they saw, opened, and physically held a condom.

Too cool.

Definitely one of the most memorable experiences in service.

In the evening, I hopped on a bus to Fes.

I’m staying in Fes for the night. Then I’ll hop on the train in the early hours of the morning tomorrow.


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