5:45am train only means one thing…

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on July 27, 2011

If there is any great secret of success in life, it lies in the ability to put yourself in the other person’s place and to see things from his point of view – as well as your own.

– Henry Ford


5:45am train times only mean one thing for me: it’s time to return to my village!

5:45am: Train departs Rabat Ville, destined for Marrakech.

10:10am: Train arrives in Marrakech.

10:30am: Supratour bus departs Kech, destined for Essaouira.

2:30pm: Supratour bus arrives in Essaouira.

3:00pm: I’m in a taxi, headed back to my site.

There are times I’m glad that I can make it back to my site from Rabat in a day. For instance, traveling before Ramadan is difficult because much of the local people are also traveling so getting a spot on any form of transportation can be difficult. It’s times like these that I’m willing to pay a little more in advance in order to secure a seat for myself later in my journey.

Safe Ramadan travels everyone!


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