(almost) straight up Berber day

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on July 29, 2011

Today, I (almost) proved myself as a Berber woman.

This morning, I swept my entire house. The broomstick would not screw into the broom properly so after awhile, I just picked up the broom, knelt down, and continued sweeping. I finally understand what my grandmother, mother and aunts all mean when they say a room isn’t properly swept unless you are completely bent over when you sweep. The convenience of a broomstick actually makes you miss spots when you sweep!

Afterwards, I took a short nap.

Slightly before lunch, I went to my host family’s house. I cracked argon nuts. I bathed a child. I resumed cracking argon nuts until lunch.

For lunch, I used pieces of bread to collect my food. I also had couscous.

Need I mention that my host aunts have started telling me to stay in Morocco forever? They say my entire family can move here too!

After lunch, I resumed cracking argon nuts until my host aunt got tired. When she got up to nap, I got up and returned to my house.

In the afternoon, I cooked, or attempted to which is where the “almost” comes in. I wanted to make a batch, my first batch!, of red bean soup. However, I left in on the stove for too long that the water evaporated from the pot before I could add more. Now I’m left with burnt beans and a black pot. Fail. (Good thing I only used half the bag!)

Now, for the things I did today that would not constitute a traditional Berber woman:

Yoga in the morning. Mmm…doing yoga felt good this morning.

Reading for leisure.




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