sbaH lxir, Ramadan

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on August 2, 2011

[nkki] skrg aman.

– Hayat, second host sister

Literally translated, this means “I’m going to make water.” What she meant was, “I’m going to pee.” Haha.

sbaH lxir, Ramadan…we meet again.

I think Ramadan is…the month in which Volunteers do not have to feel bad about not going out to their community during the daylight hours. Since people are fasting during the day, daylight hours are expected to be low-energy activities, i.e., stay in your house and do little.

Best part of Ramadan so far: discovering that my host siblings do indeed brush their teeth now! This happened right as I was getting ready to leave my host family’s house after breaking fast with them this evening. As my host grandmother handed me a plate of couscous from the kitchen to take home, I witnessed my host siblings pulling out a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste from the fridge – yes!!!

I had noticed that my host sisters’ teeth were cleaner than a few months ago. I even commented on them tonight. The eldest of my host sisters, in her recollecting my two months stay with the family, recalled my bedtime routine: brush my teeth before retiring to my room.

Finally, after months of reinforcement – and just like handwashing with soap– its happened: my host siblings have taken up brushing their teeth! YAY!!!

A happy Ramadan it is starting off to be indeed.


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