crusty faces, dirty kisses

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on August 3, 2011

News from my site: There’s a new nurse! Ahmed, my old counterpart, has left. He’s been replaced with a female nurse who speaks both Tashleheit and Arabic. Thank you, governor of Essaouira.

Fact: I LOVE kids, particularly well-behaved ones. My host siblings don’t often fall into the more specific category, nonetheless, I still enjoy spending time with them.

However, I’m realizing more and more that I don’t enjoy it when they insist on touching my face with their dirty and sticky hands and giving me an endless number of kisses when there are food remnants and whatnots clinging onto their cheeks.

I also don’t like it when they repeatedly insist on sitting on my legs instead of the ground (which I am usually sitting on) or a nearby stool. Telling them to get off my legs gets old.

On the wall nearest the foot of my bed are posted pictures, postcards, and letters that people have sent me during my service. I also add inspirational quotes occasionally. Tonight, I took a few minutes to look at pictures and read over the postcards and letters – doing so filled my body will that warm fuzzy feeling.

Love, inspiration and support…they all exude off my wall.


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