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Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on August 15, 2011

First thing first: Happy birthday to my MOMMY!!!

My text message to my mom: “Happy birthday Mommy! I was in my village today so I couldn’t go to an internet café and you. Talk soon! Love, cece”


Mom’s text message back: “Thanks. Hahaha”


Don’t you just love technology?

Mondays in site are up there on my most enjoyable moments in Morocco list.

I wake up to the sound of donkeys (okay, they’re not quite a morning symphony) and prepare to go to souk. I review my shopping list and grab my green canvas bag. Sometimes Little Fatima will knock on my door, indicating that she’s accompanying me to souk – I call those our Monday souk dates. She runs down my list, sometimes written in English, sometimes in transliterated Darija, and we have a mini-English lesson between my house and souk.

By now I’ve established my customer loyalty with a few vendors (and, actually, I added another yesterday right before breaking fast, woot!) so I deftly weave my way through souk until I reach one of them.

Deal of the day: honey. The guy wanted to charge me 30dhs; however, when I told him I paid 25dhs for the same amount last time – afterall, I brought back the same container – he caved and said okay. Yes! I achieved the local price, or at least 5dhs closer to it!

After my shopping is complete, Fatima drops me off at my house and she returns to her. Inside, I unpack my souk treasures in the kitchen: fresh produce into a bleach-water bath, chicken in the fridge, and dry goods replenished. Often, I’ll embark on an adventure down epicurean+gastronomic lane.

Today’s recipe a la PC cookbook: soft Italian breadsticks! Get this – I braided some of the dough, too – yay! Now, if only life was always this gratifying… 🙂

It’s fitting then that there’s a food, well, more like eating article to accompany today’s post: NYT: I Won’t Have the Stomach for This.


Quite possibly, this encapsulates love for me like no other written piece has yet to merge these two sacred and oh-so amazing parts of my life: food and love, or rather the acts of eat-ing and love-ing. You ask, “how so?” Let me explain.

This is how good food generally makes me feel:

“It had been a long time since I had experienced such satisfying fullness. There was comfort and exuberance, a familiar feeling like a long embrace, a coming in from the cold — that I fear I will not know again. I know I will mourn my loss. Because for me, food — and eating it with abandon — is about shared experience. It’s about love and memory and the capacity to conquer even the worst hours with something warm and wonderful.”


I love the idea of biting into a dish and savoring every bite, every ingredient, every magical combination of flavors that the dish’s creator worked to achieve. I love sharing a good meal with people. Granted, I’m one of the slowest eaters you’ll ever dine with but, mhmm, the opportunity to share with another person fabulous food finds is such an enjoyable experience.

Then there’s this line:

“We fell in love one taste at a time: roadside cheeseburgers, bonito with ginger sauce, hazelnut gelato.”

Is there really any other better way to fall in love than the one just described? I think not.

Now that the journey to my heart’s been articulated, I’m certain that’s how I’d like to fall in love – through the act of shared food experiences.

I am willing to try anything once because, really, any food that people get “weirded out” by are edible items that they just aren’t used to eating regularly. Then they impose their “culturalness” onto others who can appreciate novel flavors.

Now with a quick bite I wholeheartedly admit that I’m no gourmand, executive chef, or food critic but I LOVE food so the next question only begs to be asked:

How can I make this indulgence into a career? Or, at the very least, a profitable/income generating pastime? 🙂

This evening, I had the opportunity to watch the moon rise. It made its evening debut over the hill as I sat on my roof. It’s inching its way across the night sky. I’ve never seen the moon rise…it moves up the sky pretty quickly. It’s too hot to sleep downstairs so I’m back on the roof for my zzz’s.

Moon, I’ll be watching you dance across the night sky tonight.


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