embracing this…

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on August 18, 2011

We’ll see where I am after this journey called Peace Corps is over.

Speaking of this adventure, I bought fish from souk in my site today! That was first! A kilo of sardines for 7 dirhams, the local price. The fish vendor, i.e., man bagging fish out of the back of his van, was a friendly fella too. As was, what it seems like, the daily produce guy. He’s actually happy that I know who he is now and makes it a point to greet me whenever he sees me. I should note that he knew all the previous PCVs…5 out of 5 for him now. Yay for friendly locals.

My first host mother called me a few days ago to ask if I’d be visiting her and the family during Ramadan. Sadly, I said that there isn’t a work trip scheduled anytime soon that will take me to Agoium.

It occurred to me that, while I have the utmost adoration for my first host mother, she and I will never truly speak a common language. How truly…amazing, in the most humbling way, that we have this close relationship – friendship – despite all our differences.

This moment, I think, symbolizes PC on the personal, individual level.

There’s a shift underway…embracing it.



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