cat-calling Asian females

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on August 28, 2011

Disclaimer: I’m channeling out my frustrations into this post.

What Asian female stereotype are Moroccan males exposed to?

Moreover, what is it about Asian females that drive Moroccan guys crazy to the point where they feel compelled to hurl catcalls at us?

Sometimes…many times…staying in Essaouira is more stressful than the trip is worth.

Like today for instance.

In site, I’m less a less exotic species now because they’ve had over a year with me. I still hear people mumble about me on the street when I walk through which is different from the experiences I encounter outside my village.

I came into Essaouira and decided to spend a night here because I have several errands to do, some which can be taken care of on a weekend day, others that can only be completed on a weekday. I also came because I wanted a change in scenery from that of my site, get a breath of coastal life.

What I forget in coming into Essaouira, however frequent my trips are, are the catcalls. The frequency of them. The intensity of them. The level of distaste I develop against Moroccan males because of them, these catcalls.

I am neither the first nor the last Asian-descent female to walk around and through the medina so it truly baffles me when I encounter so much racial verbal harassment. While we’re being honest, let’s not deny the tinge of sexual verbal harassment that’s accompanied with the verbal type.

My style of dress today? Let’s see: visor and sunglasses. Hair pulled back in a bun. Scarf literally wrapped around my shoulders and arms. Backpack on. Loose pants, length up to my calves. Sandals on my feet.

I find it utterly shocking and distasteful (not to mention so many other adjectives) that males will still hurl catcalls at me when they are walking hand-in-hand with a young girl. Really, guys, is this how you want your daughters, sisters, and mothers treated on the street? Objectified for their appearance?

This is why I’ll pay six dirhams to ride in a taxi instead of walking a short distance when I’m by myself. Sometimes (all the time) I just don’t feel like dealing with the harassment, ya know?

What does it matter whether I’m Chinese or Japanese? “Oh wow, you finally guessed correctly!” Do you really think, that by “uncovering” my ethnicity I will feel inclined to socialize with you? No, thank you.

Hsuma 3lik, Morocco, Hsuma 3lik.

Good thing PC’s conducting a Asian American female focus group soon! (Suggestion: PC should conduct a Moroccan male focus group to find out what it is about Asian females that intrigue Moroccan males. Recruit LCFs to help, that is, if they’re not willing to be honest and forthcoming about what they know about the intrigue.)



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