insights at midnight

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on August 31, 2011

Mbruk 3id n Ramadan, everyone!

Another Ramadan has come and gone.

I was woken up by my host sisters and their cousin this morning. They came to fetch me so that I could have breakfast with the family. After breakfast, I went up to the hillside with the girls to watch the men and boys go prayer. Escaped back to my house mid-morning.

I called my CBT host family and spoke to Atika and Boukm3a, the parents. I miss them and the kids bzaaf! Hopefully I’ll get to see them soon.

For lunch, I made eggplant lasagna from scratch – woohoo! I was possibly exposed to too much carbon monoxide in my kitchen. Luckily, my house has an open courtyard so I was able to get much more oxygen in my body than was available in the kitchen.

Little Fatima’s family invited me over for dinner.

Observation: There’s a rice meal eaten during 3id in Ramadan.

I’ve been burning the late night/early morning oil lately. It’s wonderful to experience epiphanies and uncover personal insights during these quiet hours. Better than anything a therapist or counselor could do, haha.


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