a family of friends

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a family of friends. friends in a family.

gotta love ’em both.


a rugged altruist?

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The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.

– Denis Waitley

Last night, the swiya internet connection was able to have allowed me to check my inbox for a couple minutes. In it, I saw an email from my brother that shared the following article in NYT: The Rugged Altruists.

Ironically, I don’t usually consider my PC service altruistic. I consider it the most selfish decision I’ve ever made because, after years of not going forward with it, I finally did.

God or no God, morals, courage, deference, thanklessness, or none of the above…PC was simply something I needed to do for myself. The alternative was to live a life of regretting not having done PC, something I had no desire doing.

three-point-five kilos of fruit

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Today, I bought three kilos of fruit: 1.5 kilos of peaches, 1 kilo of apples, and 0.5 kilo of nectarines. Oh, add 0.5 kilo of bananas to that count. Total: 3.5 kilos of fruit. Yum!

Hands down, the best peaches I have ever eaten are from my fruit stand guy across the street from the grand taxi station in Essaouira. Big, plump and juicy, these peaches are the best peaches I have ever eat. Might possibly will ever eat.


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August 21-23: Excursion to Oualidia.

Post script: Oualidia is one of my favorite places in Morocco. It’s a tranquil beach town where I could dress comfortably and walk around with friends without encountering harassment.

Side note: Harassment in Morocco…it’s a shame that my service has been filled with so much of it. It’s a shame that I’ve developed such distaste for the general male population in Morocco. I didn’t come to Morocco expecting to find Moroccans attractive, but I also didn’t come to Morocco expecting the amount of verbal racial and sexual harassment that I’ve experienced thus far. Hsuma alik, lmigrib.

breaking fast with host family

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I’ve broken fast more times with my host family more times this year than I did last year. Or so it seems. I’ve only accepted invitations from two other houses.

It’s enjoyable up to an extent (read: I need my personal space and time). I’ve tried different strategies for leaving early or not going for a consecutive night, but they haven’t worked. Unless it’s me telling the family that I’ll be breaking fast with someone else or traveling.

At the beginning of Ramadan, I’d stay until after dinner, usually returning home after midnight. More recently, I’ve been leaving between lftur (the meals to break fast) and dinner so that I get home around 10:30pm.

Tonight, I left at a record time: 9:00pm. I told my family I was traveling tomorrow (which I am). I left with my youngest host aunt and sister on their way to mosque. My exit time also coincided with the arrival of creepy boy Yassine and his family. lHamdullah.

Yay for freedom. Onwards to pack! 🙂