me, the (future) trophy wife

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on September 2, 2011

Friday highlights: no couscous for lunch but my host sisters did ask to wash their hands with soap after using the bit lma, hasak, and before going to eat, bismillah. Oh, I played volleyball in the courtyard with my host nephew AND my host aunt asked for the recipe to the honey cookies I brought them. (Aside: My host grandmother was able to enjoy these because they were soft enough for her to eat. She doesn’t have many teeth; the ones she has don’t have much enamel on them.) #MAJORwininmyPCservice!

A day without exercise or some form of physical activity makes for a sluggish day. Hooray for yoga and meditation!

September, as it’s starting to appear, is my Chinese-American identity month.

NYT: The Trophy Wife.

I really related to this article.

“All we can do is be who we are.”

Easier said than done, no?



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