prejudice and discrimination

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on September 8, 2011

The effects of prejudice and discrimination are not immediately visible or understandable because it’s not a one-time incident that makes someone feel prejudiced or discriminated against.

It’s the repeated exposures, the repeated incidents and encounters that makes someone feel othered.

In Morocco, every foreign person steps into a stereotype. That’s the reality. You don’t choose which stereotype you fulfill; you simply walk into it the moment your foot steps on Moroccan soil.

Asian female? Subservient stereotype.

Asian male? Jackie Chan and kung fu.

Caucasian? French. Or European. Or American. Jewish.

African? Depending on your skin tone, you could be called Mama Africa or Senegalese.

My experience has given me a better understanding of prejudice and discrimination that I never would have been able to understand in the US, partly because I have the time to think and question people’s motives and actions and the backlash that results from those actions.

Sometimes, talking to the right stranger is the perfect therapy session. 🙂



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