push me to grow

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on October 8, 2011

My LCF often said “time is timeless.” That’s especially true in Morocco, where you have time in abundance to ponder on some of life’s “Big” questions.

With all this time on my hands, I noticed myself thinking about relationships lately, mostly with regard to building, maintaining and continuing relationships.

Here’s what I realized: I pursue relationships that push me to grow as a person. People grow together and people grow apart so inevitably some of these relationships are brief while others endure.

What’s the deciding factor between the short-lived and longer-lasting relationships? There are probably many but, and in recognizing my proclivity to maintain a semi-private life, the one that’s proven most informative to me is how a relationship teaches you about (and makes you want to work on) improving your weaknesses as a person while recognizing your strengths: constructively or destructively. That and this: those who want to grow together will continue to grow together; those who wish to grow separately will grow apart. Regardless of their lengths, all my relationships share this one thing in common: they propel me forward towards becoming the person I aspire to be in the future.

Those are the best ones to go after, aren’t they?

Is there anyone who is accomplished at delivering truth and honesty in a pointed yet eloquent manner? I’d like to meet and learn from this person.

…in retrospect, this entry is just me rambling a bunch, i.e., evidence of how arduous keeping a daily blog can be. Har har har.


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