American diversity

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on October 13, 2011

Today NYT featured an excellent article on diverse Americans:

For Mixed Family, Old Racial Tensions Remain Part of Life

This topic strikes a cord because I encounter similar questions a LOT here in Morocco with my visibly Asian heritage and invisibly American identity. (I mean, I encountered racist remarks in the US, too, but I’m going to put that behind me now.)

Who cares what someone looks like! Why is this such an important question??

*Checking my emotions at the door*

The longer I’m in PC, the more time I reflect on who I am and where and what I came from, the more I realize how invaluable my upbringing was.

My single mother didn’t go to college and only learned English after she came to America but she taught me about the world in so many other ways.

Growing up in East Los Angeles wasn’t easy but that place opened my eyes and, for the better, molded my outlook onto the world.

America’s composition is absolutely beautiful.


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