3id Kbir: a sheep, a goat

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on November 7, 2011

Thanks to my host father’s factory job, for 3id this year my host family was able to show off their improved economic status by slaughtering both a sheep and a goat.

Yesterday, I baked three batches of cookies in preparation for today: oatmeal raisin, oatmeal chocolate chip, and honey. I took a few of each to my host family when I went over this morning.

Today was an impressive community day for me: I was out from 7:30am until 8:00pm.

I spent most of the day at my host family’s, partaking in the 3id ritual and playing with my host siblings. I walked with my host aunts and their neighbors for a mini photo shoot on the road above my site. I went to greet my landlord’s family. I had dinner with Little Fatima’s family. I called my CBT host family to wish them a Happy 3id.

A long day to say the least – phew!


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