Peace Corps HIGHs

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on November 28, 2011

In Peace Corps, I’ve experienced HIGHEST of highs (in the most natural/no external substance) and the toughest of lows.

The HIGHEST of highs are an addicting, particularly when they occur when you least expect them to. (Disclaimer: I can’t compare this feeling to the highs that are induced from external substances.)

The toughest of lows are…well, tough. (Yes, I’m opting to use the word “toughest” instead of “lowest,” mostly because – and knock on wood – I haven’t experienced a lowest of low yet.)

I want this elated feeling to last but I can tell this PC HIGHEST of highs is riding its way out. No problem. I definitely swam in and relished this HIGH.

The dust from a tough – defining – moment in service is settling. Finally.

I learned – a lot – about myself, about people, and about character.

Super thankful and, oh heck, super hopeful.

Peace Corps HIGHS…one of the best things about Peace Corps service.



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