punk’d by Rachid L

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on November 30, 2011

What a – good! – morning.

It’s not even noon yet and I’ve already had so many laughs.

Rachid L, the former Health Program Assistant/current Regional Manager of Tata/Tiznit/Agadir (any others?), totally punk’d me this morning.

Here’s how my conversation went with him, in brief:

Rachid: Hey Diana, it’s Rachid. I don’t hear from you much anymore [note: I have a different regional manager] so I’m just calling to say hi.

Me: Hey Rachid! You should’ve just picked Essaouira!

Laugh, laugh, laugh

Rachid: The reason I’m calling is because there’s this inappropriate picture of you circulating around the office.

Me: WHAT?!?! (and then in my head, “WTF?!?! Even worse, a dirty prank on me?!? Someone’s going to hear from me [insert every expletive in my vocabulary])

Rachid, chuckling: I’m just kidding Diana.

Me: Whew! Because there was actually a prank that was played on me a few months ago. Someone created an email address claiming to be me and emailed all the PCVs in country saying that I had asked staff to restructure PC/Morocco not according to the regional model but according to Harry Potter Houses. Since I was on vacation with minimal internet, I immediately sent an email to a few staff – perhaps you were on it? – notifying that I had neither emailed staff about restructuring to a Harry Potter format nor abused the PCV distribution list by emailing all the PCVs in country.

At this point, Rachid is laughing hysterically. I would be too. Actually, I did. Hahaa.

Rachid, composing himself: No, Diana, I’m just kidding. Actually, I’m calling because…[insert the start of work-related conversation].

Ahh…a good breakfast and many laughs. What a wonderful way to start off the morning.

Holiday music – yes including ‘N SYNC’s “Home for Christmas” album – is loaded on my playlist. I am ready to go.

My two cents for today?

Eat a lot, albeit slowly, and laugh a lot, as much frequently.

Life is fabulous. I hope yours is too.


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