to keep on living

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on December 3, 2011

…just another mindless ramble…

When I think about “how far I’ve come” and “how much I have left to go,” I’m kind of left speechless and at a stand still.

True, there are the (minor) physical challenges – inconsistent water supply, close to no internet, and a freezing house in the winter – but life can feel pretty fulfilling in a non-quantitative way here.

The time that I’ve been allowed to reflect on everything I’ve used to become that much more self-aware. I love the life I’ve been given – the good, the challenging, the fun and ridiculous.

The lesson that’s revealed itself of late is: Don’t blame other people for your own shortcomings. That’s just lazy and irresponsible. (I don’t think I do this – at least I hope I don’t! I certainly try to limit this as much as possible.)

On the flip side, accept who you are. Own up to your own shortcomings when you’ve made a mistake. No one’s perfect so there’s no need to pretend you are.

When people ask what my plans are after Peace Corps, I want to reply, “To keep on living,”



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