my Macbook, my life

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on December 7, 2011

I rode the metro, walked and arrived with 5 minutes left to spare at the Apple store in Parque Sur before my Genius Bar appointment.

I – or rather, my Macbook – spent most of the day at the Apple store. The friendly Italian Apple Genius (the title on his business card) assisted my slow operating baby. After a few hours and a reformat, my baby’s back to speed.

There’s something about *this* trip to Madrid that’s proving…oh, I don’t know…rejuvenating?

Before I left the-place-I-wish-not-to-name, a friend asked if I was taking this trip to “get my life together.” At the time, I let that comment slide because I didn’t feel like indulging into his comment. But as I rode the bus  from the-place-I-wish-not-to-name to the airport, I couldn’t shake off that comment. mostly, it’s because here’s what I thought about that comment: my life is together.

I know where I am in my life. I know what I want from life. I know who I am in this current place of my life. I know who I want to be in the future.


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