¿De dónde eres? / Where are you from? / 你從哪兒來?

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on December 12, 2011

The urgent finds you; you have to find the important. Importance is not fast. It is slow. It is not superficial. It is deep. And as a result, it’s extremely powerful. When important matters go wrong, they undermine everything. When they go right, they sustain everything.

– Stewart Brand

Right. On. Point.

Last night, I tagged along with my friend to the Intercambio (Language Exchange). It was fun meeting new people and hearing the event’s organizer describe me:

“Where are your grandparents from? Because you look Chinese but you don’t act like the Chinese people here. You carry yourself differently…Your family is Chinese heritage. You grew up in America which makes you American. You live/work in Morocco and you are now in Madrid.”

Someone also pointed out that I speak American English and Mexican Spanish.

Languages spoken today:

  • English – check.
  • Spanish – check.
  • Chinese – check.

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