chillin’ with Chilblains

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I’m chillin’ with a case of Chilblains.

Beats having worms…I think.

…because relationships matter

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Marc and Angel: 20 Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships

…because relationships matter.


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Success is not an entitlement. You have to earn it, every day.

Case and point: Cooking with a pressure cooker. You don’t know how to cook with a pressure cooker unless you first learn how to use one.

I was intimidated/mystified by mine for over a year. Finally, I took the plunge and did it: I cooked mung beans in it.

Now, I’m swiya more comfortable using it. I even made my own meat marinade and used the pressure cooker to tenderize and flavorize – yes, it’s entirely possible I just made up two words – meat with a pressure cooker.

Now that’s one more skill added to my list. Life just became that much more delicious, too.


i :heart: COS emails

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20+ months of PC/Morocco later…

I :heart: COS emails!

COS email #4:

Dear Volunteers,

Hope this email finds you all well!

I am emailing to remind you please that, when you come for the COS conference, you need to return the mosquito net, if not or barely used, the smoke detector, and all the meds.  you have left in the medical kits; you  can donate the box, but please just take away the peace corps logo!

I am happy to answer any questions.

Take care, and see you all at the COS conference!

PC Medical Administrative Assistant

Yes ma’am! See you soon!

when to say when

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Entrepreneurs should be serial monogamists; do one thing at a time until you make sufficient progress and then move on.

– Bing Gordon

Lesson of the moment: Learning when to say when. Or perhaps it’s knowing when to say when.