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Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on February 6, 2012

You have an ambitious nature and will make a name for yourself.

– fortune in my cookie

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To celebrate my (upcoming) birthday this year, I opted to share the occasion with two other PCVs, Josh and Mary, in my area whose birthdays are close to mine – one before and one after, respectively. I am a slow but not picky eater so I suggested Josh choose the lunch venue.

Seven PCVs in the Essarouira province came together for lunch at La Mama, a Sicilian restaurant. While I’ve seen the restaurant’s name advertised, this was the first time I ate there. I ordered a Salami pizza and swapped half of it for a ham pizza.

After the meal, Mary and Gerry Murphy brought out the sweets they had bought to celebrate our birthdays. Mary brought the candles and Gerry stuck a candle into each one of the chocolate cookie sandwiches. He attempted to light the candles but the wind just kept blowing the flames out. No matter. We all still sung the birthday song.

La Mama’s owner, realizing that we were there to celebrate birthdays, offered everyone a complimentary drink to accompany our chocolate dessert. The generosity didn’t stop there.

After I paid for my meal at the register, the owner handed me my change as well as a beautifully wrapped gift. “For your birthday,” he said. Wrapped inside a page drawn on by a child with crayons (or should I say designed? :)) was a picture frame with the Coca-Cola Santa postcard in it. I couldn’t help but think, “This is one of the better gifts I’ve received here, something that I could actually take home with me.”

When I returned to the group’s table, I picked up the only unbroken fortune cookie on the table, cracked it in two and pulled out the slip of fortune that was inside. Fortune shared above.

Last week, I opened my mailbox to find two birthday cards waiting for me. One was from Tim, a super thoughtful PCV (and one of the smartest people I know) who has been sending everyone in our stage a card and photo on his or her birthday for the past two years. The second was from my mom, who circulated it around to have my brother and cousins sign before she sealed and mailed it to me.

It’s not even my birthday yet but this already feels like it will be a fabulous year.


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