my 3-worded notes

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on February 15, 2012

2012 + three-worded notes

I started off the year jotting down three-worded notes on post-it squares:

  • 2012: All that matters.
  • nerdier. geekier. chic…ier?
  • 2012: express myself better.
  • 2012: new. scary. exciting.
  • 2012: express myself better.

(apparently I found myself in this spot twice!)

  • Love, Love, Love in 2012!

I started this for no particular reason and there’s no schedule in which I adhere to when I write these. The words pour out of my pen as the moment catches me.

Since I’m starting to clean/pack up and out of my house, I wanted to make sure I documented these somewhere (hence the above).

In a few weeks, I’ll be COSing from PC/Morocco.

“Peace Corps” will no longer be lodged in the back of my mind, as I will finally be able to cross this off my list. (For the moment, I’m disinclined to use the term “bucket list” because lists are never picked out of a bucket. Rather, numbers or folded pieces of paper that contain numbers on them are.)

Yesterday marked another occasion for which I can cross another item off the list. Yay to personal accomplishments and personal victories.


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