PC: make plans to change, without knowing how

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on February 17, 2012

Sometimes Peace Corps feels like a government-sponsored social experiment, or a social experiment that the government doesn’t know it’s sponsoring. Or…a social experiment orchestrated by the government in which the participants may/may not realize they are participating in.

Most Moroccans have a fatalist outlook. “Inshallah,” they say. “God willing.” That phrase gets tacked onto every comment related to the future, e.g.:

Me: “I am traveling to Rabat tomorrow.”

Moroccans: “Yes, okay, inshallah. Safe travels.”

Me: “My family is coming to Morocco.”

Moroccans: “Really?? Yes, inshallah.”

Interestingly enough, the only time I didn’t hear an “inshallah” was when I told them there wouldn’t be a PCV replacing me when I finish my service. Huh…go figure.

Anyway…as I (continually) reflect on my service…I can’t help but notice that (1) there have been times when I made plans that, no matter how much I tried, just didn’t work out, and (2) there have been moments when I dedicated my efforts to a cause that, without speaking about it too much, unfolded to something bigger than my hopes.

Lesson learned: Make plans. Expect them to change because they will. Edit and revise as needed. Make plans again. Repeat.



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