weight four years: 130 to 131

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on March 6, 2012

My body weight. I don’t obsess over it for the most part. In fact, I barely even pay attention to it. I eat anything and everything. Really. I’m willing to try anything at least once.

However, after hearing people talk about their weight change between arriving in country and COS conference, I found myself curious about my numbers too. So I asked the PCMO today. As it turns out,

On March 8 2008, I weighed 130. This was how much I weighed four years ago when I was completing my medical clearance to join PC.

On March 6 2012, I weigh 131. This is how much I weigh today, after almost two years of living in Morocco.

One pound difference. Wow.

There’s no way I could’ve predicted that. I mean, c’mon, let’s be real: my weight has fluctuated throughout service. (Actually, it’s fluctuated throughout my life, as it will continue to.) I try to eat healthy for the most part but I definitely give in to sweets and savory snacks often. Fried fish. Fresh donuts. Cookies. Chips.

I don’t exercise enough to say that I exercise. Really. I only did yoga when the weather was warm/hot enough for me to shower immediately after a session. That makes up about 2 months out of my entire service. No joke. I prefer to take petit taxis over walking (time over money, it’s convenient, but most often because it reduces the amount of unwanted attention I’m exposed to here). I don’t run. I don’t walk to exercise. I walk fast and that’s simply to get to places – I walk with a purpose, as someone once pointed out before.

How would I explain how I’ve “maintained” my weight to someone else?

The same way that I’ve explained it on this blog: I eat really slow. Everything in moderation. I laugh a lot. Surround myself around good people.

The question I’m more curious to have answered is: How much of muscle have I lost?


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