fame is a loan

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on March 23, 2012

I think of fame as a loan,” he says. “Don’t get attached to it, because you have to give it back.

– René Redzepi, the chef at Noma

Funny story:

My landlord, or more often the hanut man next door, delivers my electricity bill to my house every so often (read: once every few months). The last time the electricity bill came around was a few months ago. Since I’m moving out soon, I need to pay off all my debts.

Yesterday, I went into Essa to find out the balance of my electricity bill. After struggling through some Arabic, followed by the realization that the lady helping me spoke Tashelheit and then providing her with a more detailed explanation of what I was doing, I received the breakdown:

First, I haven’t paid my electricity bill in, oh, six months. Next, she advised me to pay it soon because if I don’t the electricity company will shut off my power next week. Then, she patiently wrote down how much I owed per month for the last six months.

Confession: I have less than 100MAD in my Moroccan bank account right now. Not alarming, not surprising – this aptly illustrates the life of a PCV: we live monthly living allowance to monthly living allowance.

After going to the electricity “office,” I meant to check my American bank account to see if I had enough to withdraw without paying a penalty fee for having insufficient funds. (Long story short, I was traveling for a couple weeks and using my personal money to finance it.) I didn’t get to it before leaving Essa this morning. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll pay it off when I go into Essa next week.”

Well, when I got home around noon, what did I discover?

No power in my house!

Yep, that’s right – my refrigerator was moments from defrosting (i.e., leak water from the frost that melted out of my freezer).

Order of the things that popped into my head: (1) Cr*p…that lady wasn’t kidding, (2) would I really take a day-trip tomorrow just to pay my electricity bill so that I could have it on for one more week?, (3) how can I entertain myself?

Ultimately, I decided to take a nap, haha, because (1)I slept at 2:00am and woke at 7:30am so I had reason to be tired/need a nap and (2) I’m reveling in my final days of my PCV lifestyle, i.e., naps are part of the Moroccan culture!

When I woke up a couple hours later, I was pleasantly relieved that the power outage in my house was part of the greater community power outage, lHamdulilah. Winds were kicking up today and there was a minor sandstorm. Power outages are not uncommon on windy days.

Ahh…Morocco. 🙂

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