readjustment: it’s the little things

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 18, 2012

Reverse-culture shock hasn’t been as jarring as how a few RPCVs made it sound. Then again, I didn’t expect to feel overwhelmed during my first time back in an American supermarket – that’s a common anecdote shared by RPCVs about their initial moments at home. 

For me, it’s been the little things that took me by surprise: 

  • Instant – and hot! – water on demand. During my first night home, I turned on the hot water with the expectation that there’d be a delay in water coming out from there. Nope! Not only did the water fall out of the faucet the moment I turned it on, but it was also HOT! Yes, HOT! I am getting excited about instant hot water. In Imi nTlit, tap water wasn’t always readily available in my house. If I wanted hot water, I had to boil it. Now? I just turn a knob. 
  • Eating with my left hand is socially acceptable. Before Morocco, I used utensils with my right hand but snacked with my left (e.g., chips and cookies). In Morocco, I got used to only eating with my right hand in public (though, towards the end of my service, I did “rebel” and snack with my left hand – scandalous, I know). Now, I’m sort of back to snacking with my left. The only difference? I feel like people are watching me use my left hand to eat. I know that’s not the case…but I haven’t been able to shake that feeling off. 
  • Wearing a scarf…feels like a security blanket. In rural Morocco, a females hide the shape of their body. In America, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear fitted clothing. Then again…this last bit could be a weather thing. It could also be a style thing. It could also be me dressing for the occasion and a scarf so happens to work with making an outfit just that more versatile. 

Life in America…oh, and did I mention I got a smart phone? Progress, I know. 🙂

Officially a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

Posted in Uncategorized by Diana on April 3, 2012

COS check out process: complete.

PC Morocco stamping out ceremony: complete.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer status: activated.